Unidentified helicopters have caused massive strikes on Kurdish positions

The Kurdish militia, leading a successful offensive against the ISIL capital, unexpectedly was subjected to air strikes from the unidentified helicopters. None of the parties to the conflict responsible for "friendly fire".

2017-01-04 10:44:05 39


Despite a truce between Assad's forces and numerous groups of so-called moderate opposition in Syria, the war against ISIS militants*. In addition to government forces, in the fight involved and SDF (Syrian democratic forces), which is a Kurdish militia. Currently they are conducting a major offensive in northeast Syria, and are already on the outskirts of the city of raqqa, considered the capital of ISIS in the region. However, the success of the Kurdish forces is not satisfied everyone. So, the Kurdish militia reported that on the eve of their positions were shelled by helicopters, which could not be identified. It should be noted that neither the militants nor any militia forces aircraft there. Therefore, the attack army of one of the countries involved in the conflict. Photo: twitter.com Attribute it to coincidence, as it is not rarely do members of the Pro-American coalition in the case of "friendly fire" in this situation will not work. The fact that the raids were committed on objects that are far away from the front line. So, missile bombardment infrastructure of the militia at the village Chillah, located at the Syrian-Iraqi border. The second blow was inflicted on the positions of the Kurds from the air force base Meilan, where deployed us military is responsible for the preparation of Kurdish fighters and supplying them with weapons. This base is located near the Turkish border. According to Kurdish reports, an unidentified helicopter flew from the positions of the YPG, Iraqi Kurds. This allows to believe that the blow was struck, the Turkish air force, as their airbase is located on the territory of the YPG. In addition, Ankara has previously expressed concern about the success of the Syrian Kurds at Raqqa. After all, if the Kurds manage to throw ISIL, then they will be able to pay attention to other areas. For example, I will try again to get through to their enclaves in Western Syria, for which they will have to fight with the Pro-Turkish Syrian "moderate opposition." In addition, the vacant resources to the Kurds will be able to guide in the Turkey, which is not the first smoldering armed conflict between Kurdish enclaves and Turkish government forces. Now, however, one thing is clear – any conflicts in the region are going to benefit only one side – ISIS. * – an organization banned in Russia by the Supreme court.

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