How to start the car lighting from the other car

If the battery is completely discharged and the exercises no, but going still need, to start the engine from serviceable battery standing next to the car.

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If the battery is completely discharged, the time of recharging is not, and going still need, to start the engine from serviceable battery standing next to the car. "Light" from another machine makes sense only if your engine is in working condition and start with a half turn, and the battery is dead due to an oversight: forgot to turn off lights, heater or radio. Or simply did not fulfill the basic rules of care of the battery. But if the battery is dead due to long and tedious attempts to start the engine, think not that, to whom would the battery connect to start and take care of the alignment of the engine and its systems in good working condition.

Choose the donor car with similar volume and type of engine

If your car is with diesel engine, find donor is also from the family of diesel, "boost" from the car with a petrol engine you will not help – too much energy is needed to start the diesel engine. But if you are trying to connect your mnogolitrovyh SUV to small car battery of the neighbor's garage, not only your engine will not run, but the neighbor's would bring the battery to an empty state. Again, looking for a equal.

launching a Customize a car

Dishwasher-donor podezzhaem closer to the car with the discharged battery so that the length of the starter cables enough to connect both batteries, and at the same time, between the two vehicles must remain gap — the car in any case should not touch.

Plug jump leads

Before connecting, check the starter cables. Their cross-section must be at least 16 mm2, connection with clip should be soldered, and the insulation must be free of cracks and damage. Red wire connect the positive terminal of the running battery with the positive terminal of the "dead" battery. Black wire connect negative battery terminal donor with the "weight" of the car body that needs to be fed with energy. To ensure the best contact with the body of the machine, we recommend you to attach a minus sign to the bracket or to a support of the engine. If this is not possible, attach the "crocodile" to any unpainted part of the body.

start the car engine problem

At launch the car switch off all unnecessary electrical consumers, squeeze the clutch, turn on the ignition and turn the engine a starter. If the engine is not fully wound up, make a pause in 1-2 minutes. Then repeat the attempt. If even after 3 to 4 attempts to start the engine did not start, turn off the trigger wires and thanking helpful neighbor for help, think about the repair of the engine. In case of successful start of the engine, a couple of minutes to let it warm up, refraining from vigorous peregazovki the accelerator pedal to avoid power surges in the mains supply of the vehicle and, consequently, damage the car electronics as your car and the car donor.

Disconnect the starter cables

Before disconnecting the wires on both cars include stoves and heaters rear window to smooth out possible voltage surges. Do not include the load of lamps – lamps may fail. Perform the operation in reverse to the connection order. Disconnected from the "masses" clip starter cables, and then unplug it from the negative terminal of the battery of the donor. Disconnect the wire from the positive battery terminal "revived" the engine and then unplug it from the "advantage" of a starting battery.

the road

Say neighbor "a big thank you driver", disable the vehicle all clutter and unnecessary appliances and give the engine moderate and prolonged pressure in order for the trip to have time to charge battery from the generator.

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