I don't sell my: Kiev has offered Russia to buy Sevastopol

Vasyl Filipchuk made a report, in which he proposed to hand over Sevastopol to rent Moscow for 99 years.

2017-01-04 11:22:39 38


Chairman of the Board of the International centre for policy studies Vasyl Filipchuk made a report, in which he proposed "to take Sevastopol is leased by Russia". The document refers to a joint with Moscow the management of the Crimea. Victor Filipchuk — former Director of European integration Department of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. His report focuses on the normalization of relations between Russia and Ukraine. He offers to hand over the Peninsula to rent Moscow for 99 years, and after 20 years to hold another referendum, which would reflect the will of the people. Filipchuk said that the settlement of the Crimean question it is necessary to decide destiny of military base in Sevastopol. He offers Russia to recognize Ukraine's sovereignty over Crimea and the Peninsula to take in the lease example lease of Hong Kong by Britain. Under the proposed scheme, Kiev, Ukraine allows Russia to have in Sevastopol its own administration and Governor. Filipchuk also proposed to install a double money exchange, customs settlement, etc. For the rest of the Crimea, he proposed a scheme similar to Northern Ireland — to establish a moratorium on the sovereignty of the Crimea for 20 years. In this case, Ukraine reserves the issues of national and external security, and all other state powers transferred to bodies of local self-government formed by Moscow. All citizens of the region can choose a Russian or Ukrainian citizenship. The taxes will remain in the Crimea. After 20 years, it is proposed to hold a referendum during which the residents will decide in a part of the country they wish to live. Also there is the option to leave the dual sovereignty further. It is obvious that the ideas Filipchuk may exist only on paper because the comparison of the Crimean issue with Northern Ireland and Hong Kong is simply unacceptable. Given the dramatically high level of corruption and Russophobia in Ukraine, the embodiment of a model of dual sovereignty is just not possible. In addition, Moscow has repeatedly stated that the question of the status of the Peninsula, which joined Russia in a legal referendum is closed and not discussed.

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