Network users were outraged by the video from the USA where a police officer throws the girl on the floor

The incident occurred at one of the schools of the United States.

2017-01-04 12:06:50 257


As reported by channel LIFE, in social networks there was video filmed by one of the witnesses of the blatant brutality of the American police. In one of the schools of North Carolina (USA) conflict arose between the girls, gradually developed into a fight. Video source: Facts Police did not understand and to seek to blame, but just came out of the tangle of one of the Schoolgirls and the height of a man threw the teenager to the floor. He then roughly picked up the paralyzed girl, who was in a state of pain shock from the blow, and took away, twisting her arms up behind her back. Later, the mother of the schoolgirl told that her daughter tried to separate the combatants, but the conflict did not participate. Currently the case is under investigation.

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