The CIA is afraid of investigation of the reported use of "scorched earth tactics" in Syria

The CIA Director said in an interview with PBS television.

2017-01-04 12:14:51 277


Today, 4 January, the head of the Central intelligence Agency, John Brennan, made a loud statement that Russia allegedly used "scorched earth tactics" in Syria. The Director of the CIA said in an interview with PBS television. According to published reports, Brennan has accused Russia of using "scorched earth tactics", but no evidence is provided. This method implies the destruction of industrial facilities, transport and communications, which can be used by the enemies (terrorists). Earlier, foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to investigate this kind of messages. However, colleagues from the USA are not in a hurry to openly make accusations against Russia. Probably due to the fact that Russia never used "scorched earth tactics" in Syria. It is noted that the representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov said on "shameless lies" of the US state Department over the situation in Aleppo. We will remind, earlier it became known that the Syrian government received evidence of the use of chemical weapons by opposition forces.

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