How to start the car with the tug

When low battery completely and "priority" the other car is not possible, all hope that the engine starts with the tug.

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When the battery is discharged completely, and a jump start from another car is not possible, all hope that the engine starts with the tug.

Fixed tow rope

Rope length must be between 4 to 6 meters. Tow rope can be either metal or made of synthetic materials. Most importantly, he was durable and reliable. Because when a broken wire can easily get broken by the end of the car body or, even worse, in the body of a good person you have agreed to "pull". The ends of the tow rope is attached to a dedicated lugs in the back. If the cable is completely absent the hooks exit the position using a pry bar or a wrench. Always double check to make sure they are securely fixed. Otherwise taken off at the most inopportune moment of a loop of a wrench or pry bar can cause people injury and even injuries, and the cars to give not presentable. And never attach a tow rope to the bumper or jet thrust – they come off quite easily in the attachment.


Insert the key in the ignition, unlock the steering wheel and turn on the "hazard". The gear lever set in neutral position. Towing the car smoothly pulls the rope out and towed the unfortunate slowly and reluctantly starts to move. Light braking to achieve a stretched state of a rope. Supplied with the maximum attention, in order not to enter the rear of my front tugboat.

Start the engine

Go on smooth and with minimal movement of the road section. Once the vehicle speed reaches 30 km/hour, slightly pulling on the lever of choke control, squeeze the clutch and turn on the 3rd gear. Very gently and smoothly release the clutch pedal. As soon as the engine started up and its speed increased, squeeze the clutch and switch to "neutral". Set a steady engine speed, a little more stretching out the "leak" of themselves and warmed the engine. Flash headlights or beep signal to its towing.

Unhooks the rope

Uncouple the tow rope hooks from the eyelets or miraculously survived the bumper, turn and hide his Savior in the trunk and for the thousandth time promise ourselves that tomorrow be sure to buy a new car battery. Remember that to start the method above vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, is strictly prohibited!

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