How to drive a car in winter. Driving in the cold season

Ice, snow drifts, "the mess" of snow and sand under the wheels, icy glass, which impairs visibility. In difficult winter conditions to drive the car in winter.

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We hope that your car is prepared for winter and you don't have to rush to change summer to winter tires, the engine oil is similar, but with a lower coefficient of viscosity, and a dying battery for a new battery.

Cleaned the vehicle's windshield of ice and snow

Smetem brush the snow from the Windows machine. If they are covered with a layer of ice, use a special cleaning spray for defrosting car Windows. And do not neglect the cleaning of the rear and side Windows – full review in degraded conditions of visibility will help prevent accidents and save lives. So, glass is cleaned, you can go.

Right budge

To avoid slippage and slipping of the wheels when pulling away smoothly release the clutch pedal and also filigree push the accelerator pedal. If wheel still stuck, turn down the gas or include the following in ascending order of the transmission to reduce torque transmitted from the engine to the wheels.

Keep a safe distance

Did you know that most accidents in winter is banal blows behind one other car. The increase in braking distance on winter roads can play havoc, so get in the habit of winter increase the normal distance between cars in two-three times. Avoid sharp braking and refrain from unexpected maneuvers. Signal in advance and lighting warn other drivers of their intentions.

Avoid sudden steering movements

All maneuvers are stretched in time and begin to perform in advance. If it so happened that the wheel is turned, but the car still goes straight, align the wheel, turn down the speed, braking, and engine and brakes, and then repeat the attempt to turn again.

Print the car out of the skid

The feeling when you starts to skid the back end of the car, not pleasant, but such situations should be prepared. If puts the ass in front of the car, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid and gently pressing on the accelerator pedal, take the car from skidding. For rear-wheel drive car, the procedure is somewhat different – turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid, to slow the gas, restoring control over the unmanaged machine and exit the drift.

Right turn

When entering the first turn early and gradually slowing down using the engine and brakes. Then release the brake pedal and only then begin to turn the steering wheel. To brake on winter roads only when moving along a rectilinear trajectory. Remember that using brakes at the time of entering into the turn, so even on slippery and icy roads can end very, very badly. Be extremely careful and vigilant on the winter road, follow tips for driving in the winter and let you always lucky!

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