Engineers NASA have created space parachute

Space Agency NASA has announced the creation of a space parachute.

2016-12-15 12:19:11 8

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In the space Agency NASA announced the creation of a new technology "Exo-Brake" , which will allow to safely and efficiently return small spacecraft delivering to Earth the results of scientific experiments and studies from the International space station. We are talking about the outer chute, the amount of which shall not exceed one-third of a square meter. For its production will be used Mylar film, which has good ductility and excellent resistance to elevated temperatures. As a control, are used struts and flexible cords that allow you to change the shape and slope of a braking device that allows you to adjust the trajectory of companion planting. The new technology will allow us to deliver vehicles in greater safety without the use of fuel. Visually, the device resembles a crossover of the cloth of the parachute. Preliminary testing on suborbital rockets have already shown good results. The next stage is already in the works: a space parachute and Japanese satellite TechEdSat-5, for which he will be tested are already on the ISS. It is known that the TechEdSat-5 will become operational in January 2017, and after performing all the tasks it will be launched with this new technology "Exo-Brake".

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