Revenge for Aleppo: a decisive battle for Syria takes place under the al-Bab

Erdogan has called Bashar al-Assad as his personal enemy. Gradually reveals unexpected details and pitfalls of the Turkish operation in Syria. The Syrians are forced to react to prevent the creation of a buffer zone with the Turks. What is the next step of the Turkish leader?

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On the background of Turkish operations on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, many are asking whether there will be confrontation between the Syrian and Turkish troops for carrying out such a foreign policy of Erdogan. According to Syrian analyst Harshida Delhi, the Turkish President is implementing expansionary policies and, anyway, shows aggression against the legitimate government of Syria, led by Bashar al-Assad. However, Erdogan is likely to learn a lesson from the defeat of Ankara supported the militants and extremist groups in Aleppo. "If Turkey wants, what is likely to happen, any way to compensate for Aleppo defeat, turned his attention to military operations at al-Baba, the clashes between Turks and Syrians will be guaranteed," said Syrian expert on Turkey and the Kurds, Horse Delhi. The Turkish authorities wonder what has happened in Aleppo, as the ruling "Party of justice and development" in Turkey imagined a completely different outcome. According to them, the capture of Aleppo was supposed to pave a direct route to Syria, creating a kind of "bridge" on the way to the collapse of the Syrian government and, accordingly, to overthrow the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad. Photo: Delhi stressed that the control of the Syrian army on Aleppo struck a devastating blow to the strategy of Turkey regarding the crisis in Syria and "a hard slap in the face of Erdogan". "The defeat of the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo are not only put an end to the strategy of overthrowing the government of Bashar al-Assad, but also discredited Turkey in the eyes of the terrorists, who influenced Erdogan believed in his words about the departure of Assad," — said in Delhi. In the near future, the following may occur: the Turkish leader activates and increase the intensity of the attacks, Pro-Turkish militants in the province of Aleppo, to somehow compensate for his defeat in Syria. December 1, Syrian military aircraft launched a series of massive air strikes on the positions of terrorists fighting under the auspices of the Free Syrian Army in al-Bab in Aleppo province. It was then that the Syrian air force was able to suppress the occurrence of the Turkey-backed militants in this area. The area was previously occupied by the jihadists of the terrorist group ISIL*. After Kurdish forces were able to repel Manbij ISIL militants, extremists that gangs strengthened their positions in the towns of al-Bab and Deir Hafer. Thus, these settlements have become a major ISIS base in Aleppo province. In late November of this year, Syrian authorities said that Ankara practically waging war with Damascus. And the main reason for this explanation is fairly simple and well-known fact: coordination and no cooperation between Syrian and Turkish troops completely absent. "Considering the campaign against the terrorist groups in Aleppo, the government forces the Syrian Arab Army indirectly fighting against the forces of Turkey. Erdogan, on the opposite side, and besides, it helps the terrorists in the same region," said Samir Suleiman from the Ministry of defence of the Syrian Arab Republic. Since then, as the soldiers of the Syrian army began fighting with the militants in different parts of the country, especially in Aleppo, they indirectly fight against Turkey because of the terrorist group have received strong support and advice from Ankara to respect weapons. Last week, for example, the Turkish army organized the delivery of portable antiaircraft-rocket complexes stinger (FIM-92 Stinger), arrival point which oddly enough turned out right in the Northern province of Aleppo, in al Bab. Photo: One of the journalists Ahmad al-Khatib with close ties with the "moderate" extremists of the Free Syrian Army, published on his page in Twitter account very interesting information about these "operations" Erdogan at al-Bab. Turkey is equipping its affiliated forces stationed in radius al-Baba, supplying them with the aforementioned MANPADS. Besides, Turkish media reported that a convoy of trucks carrying anti-aircraft defence systems crossed the region Oguzeli, which is located in the province of Gaziantep, and moved in the direction of Syrian borders. Thus, the tensions between Damascus and Ankara is now so high that the Syrian military sources report pre-emptive strikes in the Northern areas of Syria. This is largely due to the fact to block the attempts of the Turkish army to strengthen its positions and to organize a buffer zone in the region. After the liberation of 25 farms and villages in Aleppo, the Syrian army moved North to encircle the strategically important town of al-Bab from the South and West sides. The citadel of ISIS in al Bab is on the verge of a major war with the Syrian army, the Kurds and Turkey with the support of the forces, which are components of the operation have any relation to the "Shield of the Euphrates". * — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

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