Scientists explained what the excitement is good for health

The benefits of excitement for human health scientists have made the conclusions after the experiment.

2016-12-15 16:06:02 27

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Experts from the University of California came to the conclusion that the excitement is useful to human health. According to scientists, the obvious benefit from the experiences that people expressing their emotions, thus getting rid of stress, which can have a detrimental impact on the immune system, reducing its function. Also splash out emotions that help you be better prepared for understanding the news, both positive and negative. To check this assertion, the group was recruited student volunteers from universities in the USA. They were divided into three subgroups, who were interviewed before exams. In anticipation of this worrying tests, scientists have observed the behavior of all participants. Exactly the same procedure was carried out during the examinations, as well as after their completion. The results of the analysis of the available data, the researchers came to the conclusion that man prefers to adhere to any strategy. They were able to identify three: first, people prefer to turn away from reality; second, the students preferred to hope for a positive outcome, and the third was just worried, ready for the end of exams, but still hoping for a positive result. According to scientists, the first strategy is the most inefficient, the second is fraught with deep frustration and negative emotions in the case of unfulfilled expectations. But the third experts have called the most optimal, because it helps the person to prepare for any outcome and not get a nervous breakdown because of the negative evaluation or not very successful developments.

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