Syrian Safari: Ghost snipers struck again at militants

An unknown group Avengers today again appeared on the battlefield, and then suddenly disappeared. This time the Syrians personally acknowledged the contribution of their "saviors," noting large-caliber sniper weapons "ghosts". Were you able to figure out who suddenly helped the Syrians in battle?

2016-12-15 16:18:29 17

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The Syrian military source, referring to Sputnik News Agency, reported that government forces the Syrian Arab Army clashed with the militants of the terrorist group "jabhat al Fatah Ash-sham"* (the newly formed "al-Nusra Front") to the South-East of the key city of al-Salaam. Several strategic towns and villages were recaptured from the jihadists. One of the attacks fighters of the Syrian army was also organized in the Northern province, namely in the area of FR settlement, West of Khan shaykhun. Previously there confirmed information about offensive operations of the Syrians, near oil pipeline, located to the East of the city of Hama. A military source said that terrorist forces were responsible for the rearrangement during the offensive of the fighters of the Syrian army. Violent clashes continued for several hours, since the enemy had a perceptible resistance. However, after a brief lull, the Syrians decided to counterattack, during which they were supported. Photo: It subsequent actions on the battlefield and are the key moment of operation of the Syrians. Unidentified allies appeared as if from nowhere and lent invaluable support to the government forces during the operation. A few hardened fighters, which judging by their experience of warfare has been to many trouble, was killed by aimed sniper shots. Total losses among the enemy forces amounted to more than two dozen. It is noted that the jihadists did not save even strengthen them. "Syrian troops tried to identify their saviors, however, contacting with adjacent parts, found that their unit did not participate in the ensuing battle," — said a military source. Judging by the wounds and other effects of fire discovered the bodies of militants, it is noted that, most likely, in the operation used large-caliber sniper rifle caliber 12.7 mm. According to some reports, this is not the first operation, when the unknown "the Avengers" are attacking the terrorists ' positions. * — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

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