Scientists have learned a sensational clue to the origin of life on Earth

Experts from Spain and Italy published a revolutionary study that answered the eternal question: "how did life on planet Earth?".

2016-12-15 16:27:10 22

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Italian and Spanish experts during research found out that meteorites could be the cause of the origin of life on Earth. As shown by experiments, some space objects contain substances that affect the synthesis of organic compounds. Meteorites possess an amazing feature: to absorb the environment. If the "alien boulder" will absorb a certain amount of water, the inside will begin to form new molecules. However, there is one problem, which refutes a possible theory. During the fall of a cosmic body undergoes a strong friction in the atmosphere and breaks into tiny pieces. Interestingly, the scientists decided to conduct an experiment in which he heated such pieces and dipped into sterile water. After some time the liquid began to form complex organic compounds. The researchers suggest that this theory can develop scientific topic about the origin of life in the Universe.

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