Archaeologists from Spain have discovered the diet of primitive people in Europe

Became known, the fed primitive Europeans.

2016-12-15 17:09:17 29

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Today, 15 December, it was reported that the primitive people in Europe ate only raw meat. This assumption was made by a team of archaeologists on the AFO website. According to our study, archaeologists from Spain have discovered the remains in the cave of SIMA del Elefante in 2007 and researched them. After careful study, experts were able to establish that the found bones about 1.2 million years BC. Archaeologists examined the plaque and were able to detect food particles, which were treated with fire. There were also granules of starch, grass and insects. It is noted that archaeologists have not found the micro-particles of coal on the remains, which confirms the theory about Europeans raw foodists. We will remind, scientists still disagree about when primitive people began to use fire for cooking. Some argue that this occurred about 1.8 million years ago and some 300-400 thousand

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