How to adjust the idle

Speed control engine speed at idle should not cause any difficulties, especially if you understand the nature of operations and actions. Adjust the idle speed of the carburetor of the "classics".

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I think it's unlikely someone will be pleased with the prospect of endless stops the engine at idle, and even in the most inappropriate place. The formation of carbon deposits on the plugs and valves, increased fuel consumption, unstable operation of the engine, reducing its power – the list of problems caused by perebeinos or pereobogaschenie fuel mixture can be continued almost indefinitely. If similar symptoms have your car — do not delay getting down to it.

Preparations for adjustment

Before adjusting the idle speed make sure that you have set the ignition timing, the fuel level in the float chamber. If not – carry out the adjustment of ignition timing and fuel level. Warmed the engine up to working temperature of 90 to 950 C. Air zaslonka of the carburetor should be completely open (the lever "choke" completely drowned).

the Essence of the process of adjustment of turns of idling

The adjusting screw of quality of the combustible mixture increases or decreases the amount of gasoline mixed with air. If a lot of air and gasoline is small, such a mixture is called periobalance, if the air a little, and a lot of gasoline, so the combustible mixture pereobogaschenie. The optimum quality of the fuel mixture is slightly lean. The adjusting screw of quantity of the combustible mixture increases or decreases the amount of cooked mixture supplied to the combustion chamber of the engine. With a decrease in the quantity of the supplied mixture speed of rotation of the crankshaft of the engine decreases, and with increasing amounts of the combustible mixture increases. Thus the essence of the adjustment of idling is to select such a position of the adjusting screws, in which the engine speed will be nominal, and the fuel mixture is slightly lean.

, Adjust the idle speed

1. By turning the screw the amount of the combustible mixture, set the number of revolutions of the engine is $ 800-900 (depending on the model of your engine) rpm. 2. Unscrewing or tightening the screw of quality, set maximum engine speed. 3. Again, turn the screw the number and set the engine speed 800-900 rpm. 4. By turning the screw of quality again, we find the position at which the engine speed will be maximum. 5. Turning the screw of quality at 1/2 turn. Idle speed adjustment is completed.

Check the idle speed

Sharply press the accelerator pedal. The engine needs without interruption, "sneezing" and "failures" willing to respond with increased speed. Abruptly release the pedal "gas", the rpm should decrease to a stable minimum and the engine should not stall. When adjusting the idle speed is not in a hurry, turn the adjustment screw very slowly, as in response to the turn of the screw, the engine speed changes with some delay in 2-3 seconds.

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