Scientists have shown in the video, what happens to the Land after the fall of the giant asteroid

The researchers used the latest techniques of computer processing, to create different simulations of the collision of a space object with the Earth.

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A team of scientists conducted an interesting experiment, creating a computer model that showed what could happen with the Earth in the event of a collision with an asteroid. Researchers have taken several different conditions, one of which was a meteorite falling into the ocean. This experience was organized a day after chief expert at the National aeronautic and space administration (NASA) announced that our planet is not prepared for such scenario. Because the surface of the earth consists of 70% water, it is likely that a space object will fall directly into the ocean. Using high-performance computing power, the research group at the National laboratory Los Alamos calculated what kind of kinetic damage will be caused by the collision of a meteor with the ocean. According to scientists, the main and determining factor is the disintegration of the asteroid before it hits Earth's surface. If this happens, then the impact area will be wider, but coming from the impact will be less. They believe that a clash must occur within 20 kilometers from the coast to experience really significant damage. For this mark the consequences will be comparable only to that of a strong tropical storm. Nevertheless, such an attack will throw billions of tons of water directly to the atmosphere. The opposite effect may not be for several months or even years, which in turn will dramatically change the climatic conditions. In any case, the collision of an asteroid with the Earth — not the best thing that could happen to our planet. Dr. Joseph Nath, researcher of the Center Goddard at NASA confirmed that at the moment humanity has no way to neutralize a threat like the one that killed the dinosaurs. The best way, according to scientists, is the construction of a special interceptor missile that will be able to eliminate the incoming object.

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