Scientists have found that calorie foods "includes" different parts of the brain kids

Scientists were able to determine the relationship between caloric intake and activation of the infantile brain.

2016-12-15 19:38:52 28

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As the portal with reference to the special edition, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have managed to discover the relationship between the caloric value of the foods the child eats, and activation of certain areas of his brain. All of these areas in the children's brain discovered about 180. High-calorie food can "run" the processes associated with sensory processing area. For example, pizza, French fries and sweets activate a region associated with taste, and is responsible for attention and self-control. The latter quality, as specialists have found out, also depends on the batch size. Scientists suggest that based on the results obtained, they will be able to establish the causes of overeating in order to successfully deal with this phenomenon.

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