The Syrians took the attack attack aircraft under the guise of "Shylock" and T-72 in Aleppo

Russian weapons in the hands of the Syrians has a significant effect on the suppression of enemy forces. The troops of Bashar al-Assad and its allies do not leave the jihadists with no chance of using heavy armored vehicles, rocket attacks and other cover. The assault of terrorist positions was filmed on video.

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The government forces the Syrian Arab Army has today launched a new phase of offensive operations in Aleppo. One of the most significant attacks is a counter-terrorism RAID in the Eastern and South-Eastern parts of the strategic city of Aleppo, namely in the area of Shaykh al-Lutfi. According to a military source, the militants have suffered huge losses as the Syrian army uses an impressive weapons in the assault of terrorist positions. The main resistance forces in this area are the militants of the extremist coalition "Jaish al-Fath"* (which includes jihadists "of al-Nusra Front / jabhat al Fatah Ash-sham" and "Ahrar Al-sham"). According to the information received, government troops were advancing in the area of Shaykh al-Lutfi. At the moment, army units established control over the local police station and several other facilities in the Eastern part of the area. In an offensive the Syrian troops are using different weapons, among which should be noted heavy armor. Several government assault teams come into the terrorist position and the front line fighters in several areas of Sheikh al-Lutfi. In addition to the soldiers of the regular army and Pro-government militias, it should be noted the support of "Brigade Desert falcons". Photo: The key point of this offensive is to cover organized from the heavy armor. Several units of T-72 and anti-aircraft self-propelled installations "Shilka" not only perform an effective cover, but the attack of the enemy fortified positions. In addition, the Syrians shelled terrorist positions from rocket-propelled grenades and automatic 23 mm guns mounted on pickups. Moments like these were filmed on video, the material which is presented below. At the moment the government troops are on the release of the area from the terrorist threat. * — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

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