NASA named after Mars the next planet to colonize

Employees of the space Agency has identified the next target for colonization.

2016-11-28 12:24:47 31

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The American space Agency has determined the next planet to colonize after Mars. According to planetary scientists, the Agency, the Titan — one of Saturn's moons, is like no other suitable for this role. This was reported in the scientific journal Scientific American. In NASA believe that the next planets for a detailed study will be relatively small celestial body, in particular, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. According to Agency staff, in the Solar system's most Earth-like planet is Saturn's moon Titan. It also has liquid lakes, dense atmosphere and magnetic field, is able to protect from cosmic radiation. Also Titan's atmospheric pressure is only 1.5 times bigger than Earth, which significantly simplifies the device suits for potential colonizers. The only thing stopping scientists – a rather low temperature on Titan's surface, estimated at -180 degrees. Otherwise, this is the most suitable for the colonization of the place in the Solar system.

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