British environmentalists have solved the mystery of the mysterious death of seal suicides

Experts from Britain said that is the reason for the rapid extinction of seals.

2016-11-28 12:47:08 33

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British ecologists explained the reason for the dramatic extinction of mammalian species. It became known that the scientists decided to conduct an experiment, during which many seals were attached a GPS tracker, trace the path of animals from the beginning and end of their existence. The reason for the extinction of seals became the red algae, which feed on mammals. As it became known, these marine plants are overcrowded deadly biological toxins. When in the animal body accumulate enough of the poison, it dies prematurely. Experts at the moment speculated how to help the seals stick to a suicidal diet. Note, that global warming led to the spread of toxic red algae in the Northern latitudes. There is no denying the fact that the increase in water temperature also affects the lifespan of many of the inhabitants of seas and oceans.

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