Scientists warn that viewing porn affects Teens

Experts conducted a study to objectively talk about the negative impact of pornography on young children's minds.

2016-11-28 15:43:03 25

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Scientists said that viewing pornography of a minor child leads to the destruction of fragile psyche. Experts from the University of Melbourne conducted a study that proved that Teens who are fond of watching pornographic movies, prone to violence against their peers. The output of a rather complex situation can be the ability of each parent to engage in sexual education of their children. One of the main tasks will be the demonstration of the idea that porn is not reality. People need to perceive each other not as a sexual object, but as a full developed personality. Many films and videos show the younger generation a dismissive attitude to women. Young men need to understand that the reality is far from the set shooting and you need to understand where life begins and ends movie. Scientists believe that access to porn should not completely block because students will not be difficult to find a new source of information, however, some representatives of minors should be protected from further influence of such tapes.

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