NASA has published a video of the space bars

NASA has created a high-calorie snack bars, which will be actively used by astronauts during a future mission to the moon. New technology packages will significantly save space, which is the most important factor.

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The National aeronautic and space administration (NASA) plans to send four people to the moon in early 2021. In the framework of the mission, the astronauts will use the space ship "Orion". For this new device this will be the first manned flight. In NASA the mission called "Research mission 2". The timing of the implementation of space missions range from 10 to 14 days. The direct presence of 4 astronauts on Board the "Orion", which will make a flyby of the moon. However, already at the preparatory stage, problems that need to be addressed prior to launch. The main disadvantage is that the space inside a spacecraft would be incredibly limited. Due to the lack of a "module housing", the team of astronauts will have to take less of the load. Special attention is paid to NASA food. Relatively roomy International space station a full kitchen and more than 200 items of food to choose from. On the "Orion" such a luxury is not expected. Thus, the team working on advanced technologies in the field of food from NASA in the space center Johnson, is working on a "space bars", each pack containing between 700 and 900 calories. NASA believe that the astronauts will actively use these "snack bars" during Breakfast. This food will be extremely "dense" and relatively small relative to the required storage space during the mission. "When you have 700 to 900 calories of anything edible in space, absolutely no matter what is the shape of the product. We considered several ways to save money in this regard by reducing weight and choosing the best option packaging. It will be best that astronauts will eat for Breakfast while on the Orion," said Jessica Vos, Deputy head of health at the Orion. "Talking about multi-week missions using Orion, there are several positive aspects in relation to these new bars. Having only one pack of this product for Breakfast with the crew sickly to save money in terms of limiting the required storage space," said Vos. Bars there are various kinds of flavor, including orange, cranberry and peanut. Of course, NASA don't forget about the mission to Mars after 2030, however, the time will probably be a number of other problems. The Agency is already working on ways to grow food during the flight, being directly on the spacecraft. The ISS already practice a similar idea. It should be noted that some grown vegetables have already been successfully used as food.

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