Scientists have learned to identify the places with the most devastating earthquakes

U.S. scientists revealed a method by which you can determine the location of future powerful earthquakes.

2016-11-28 17:52:54 88

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The staff of the University of Oregon has created a method by which to determine the location of the most destructive earthquakes, the Agency reports FAN. According to the analysis of geological structures (in particular faults) and the magnitude of the former earthquake, the scientists came to the conclusion that the greatest power the cataclysm reaches in areas of subduction, where the Pacific plate goes under the margins of continents or island arcs. Due to the collision of tectonic plates occur most frequent and powerful natural disasters. Also, experts noticed the relationship between the strength of earthquakes and the angle of the breaks — the more gently sloping fault, the higher the amplitude of the earth tremors on the Richter scale. The results of such studies will help in the future to determine the most likely locations for the occurrence of strong earthquakes.

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