Assad's army has arranged a total separation of the militants in the North of Hama

Field bases, arms depots and convoys — all this was destroyed by the troops of the Syrian army. Hundreds of jihadists were killed in the course of operations. The ambushes, sudden missile attacks and air strikes crushed the jihadists in several areas of Hama.

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Syrian government forces today have greatly succeeded in the Northern province of Hama, giving a tremendous rebuff to the terrorist forces in the governorate. According to the information received, the number of dead militants is measured by the hundred. After receiving intelligence that Syrian military aircraft bombed several key enemy targets, which include armories and military equipment of the jihadists. According to a military source, the Syrian air force totally destroyed such facilities in localities Mureck, Atshan, MA'an, al-Quneitra and al-Arbain. The army also did not stay aside and made an additional assault on the military equipment of terrorists in Karamakhe, al-Tamatea and Khan Sheyhun. As a result of competent actions of the government forces, terrorist forces have lost several units of armored pickup trucks and ammunition dump. Dozens of militants were killed during counter-terrorism RAID in the above areas. In addition, several governmental units attacked the column of jihadists and other terrorists at the Sochi, Sakiko and Thel Tarii. Having beaten a large-scale offensive of the jihadists on the Western flank of the city of al-Salaam, the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army had significant rebuff to the extremists, triggering huge losses among their troops. Photo: Hundreds of militants, including those who have used heavy military equipment and armored vehicles, stormed a government position in al-Salaam. However, the tactical advantage was on the side of troops of the army of Bashar al-Assad, as they were ready to defend. This is largely due to the fact that the government closely monitor all enemy movements in the region. Several commando units successfully neutralized the terrorist threat in the area of al-Sathuta, organizing several sudden attacks and ambushes. The exact number of the liquidated terrorists are not reported, however, the military source noted that this number was about a few dozen. Thus, the weakening of the defense of the government forces in the border zone, located North of HOMS and South of Hamah, turned to the rebels in complete disaster. In addition, al-Salaam, which is a strategically important city, is still under the control of the Syrian Arab Army. This settlement is of paramount importance for terrorists because of its close proximity to the main route, which jihadists are actively used for the transmission of reinforcements and military equipment. Earlier, army soldiers defeated the terrorist forces during the assault on enemy positions from the MA Ana, the villages of Zarate al-Alieh. One of the identified extremist groups in this region is considered the "Jaish al-Issa"*. Despite the use of jihadists 23-mm automatic cannons, the Syrians were able to successfully suppress the enemy defenses and establish control over an important perimeter. * — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

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