"Somewhere in a parallel universe": the experts reveal where they live aliens

The American scientists told about the possible habitat of the representatives of an alien civilization. Astrophysics also said, who actually may be alien beings.

2016-11-27 12:15:00 121

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Astrophysics from Columbia University suggested, where in fact there could well be aliens. According to them, the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations hypothetically exist in the parallel Universe. The traditional laws of physics don't work there, scientists believe,and it is possible that aliens are using quantum technology. That is why the aliens are invisible to mankind. American scientists also noted that life on Earth can be controlled by a kind of super-intelligence through different dimensions. Unfortunately, another reality is not yet available for humans, and the study of other life forms while it is impossible. Research staff do not exclude that someday humanity will survive the merge with the Universe. For this to happen, the physical existence of people should go in the way of matter. We will remind, earlier researchers reported that the aliens may in fact be robots.

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