Experts: the human humor is the product of the evolution of primates

American scientists have found that modern humor man arose in the course of evolution of ancient primates.

2016-11-27 16:25:26 24

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Human humor is the result of long and methodical evolution of primates. The article an appropriate statement recently published by a group of psychologists from the University of Missouri. As researchers found, inseparable from intelligence, humor has evolved over millions of years. In ancient times, humor was typical of the more developed Primate hominid. Currently signs "of early humor" can be observed in the intercourse of modern primates. Wit they were able to determine the level of mental abilities of each other, and to establish communication with relatives. With the development of the human the humor is too evolved: it is complemented by sounds, words and phrases, and various complex designs. Today's humor has many faces: it can not only amuse and inspire, but to insult, make fun of a person or situation. Humor as a concept has become so broad that it began to be classified into separate subtypes depending on the nature of a joke: a thin, flat, black humor, and others.

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