How to save petrol. Simple ways to reduce fuel consumption

There is hardly a driver who has never mused over how to reduce the petrol consumption of his car. Share the simple secrets of fuel economy.

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Technical condition of the car

It is difficult to achieve fuel economy if your carburetor too high fuel level in float chamber or a faulty needle valve, and the gasoline in the truest sense of the word Creek flows. And unregulated frequency idling speed? In this case pereobogaschenie mixture is just "off the tube". A clean air filter not only a guarantee of stable operation of the engine but also fuel economy. The volume of air passing through a dirty air filter decreases significantly, and therefore the fuel mixture will be paleobasin, and as a result, will increase the appetite of your iron horse. Look through the air filter to the light. If the filter is not illuminated – it is time to change a new one. Maintaining a normal tire pressure, the correct adjustment of the alignment of the wheels, setting the correct ignition timing is for taking care of myself grateful four-wheeled friend will respond by reducing fuel consumption.


Empty (full of we dare not seek) the roof rack of the car are not only able to emit howling sounds, but also to slow down, resisting air flow. Worsen the aerodynamics of the car lowered side Windows. Air flow getting into using them in the salon, will create eddies and turbulence, reducing speed of vehicle movement. To compensate for the drop speed will increase the rpm of the engine, achieved by increasing the amount of fuel burned.

Competent driving

Smooth ride, without alternating sharp acceleration and braking will make a significant contribution to reducing gasoline consumption by the engine. To do this, learn to see and understand not only maneuvers the vehicle in front, but several cars in front of you. If the road markings allow and the situation on the road, spamsite turns, so your speed will be most uniform. The engine speed at an cost-effective the drive must be in the range from 2000 to 3000 rpm. After reaching the upper limit rpm, switch to higher gear, when you drop the engine speed to the lower boundary, on the contrary, to pass to the lowest transfer. Do not attempt to achieve the fuel savings, using the coast down. Gasoline you are unlikely to save, but the safety will suffer. It is difficult to achieve fuel economy by fueling the car with gasoline of low quality. Always check tallio that you pour into the tank at the gas station.One by one the above methods, significant savings will not give, but using them in combination, you can reduce the car fuel consumption by almost half. Let your iron horse always serves you faithfully!

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