Chronicles of Yemen: snipers, artillery barrage and missiles against the bearded SA

In the neighbouring Saudi PPC sniper was eliminated three Royal soldiers. After a checkpoint came under rocket attack.

2016-11-27 17:37:16 149

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Snipers of the armed forces Revolutionary Committee of Yemen managed to destroy at least three Saudi military personnel near the checkpoint of al-Alaba, in the province of Asir, on the border crossing of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is noted that the snipers were able to safely return to their positions, reports the Arabic TV channel al-Masirah. Also Yemeni militia with the support of the Republican guard was able to attack the Saudi military camp of al-Sharkah in the province of Asir. The positions of the Royal troops had suffered a missile strike, but reports of casualties are not available. In addition, the Yemeni militia forces managed to prevent the advance of the Hadi loyalists and mercenaries from the Coalition of Gulf countries with Saudi Arabia at the head of the district Servant in the province of Asir. In conclusion, the channel PressTV reported that Yemeni armed forces fighting on the side of the militias and Houthis, unleashed a barrage of artillery shells at the location of Saudi soldiers in Beit al-Moscafe and Madrasah al-Kamiah, province of Jizan. It is noted that the above city is located in 967 kilometers southwest of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia.

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