Experts called the number of hypertensive patients on Earth

Swiss researchers said the number of people suffering from high blood pressure worldwide.

2016-11-27 18:44:32 18

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Scientists from Switzerland have calculated how many people on our planet suffers from high blood pressure. As it turned out, the hypertensive is every seventh inhabitant of the Earth, and in total their number is around one billion. The sharp increase of patients with hypertension have occurred over the past 40 years. According to the world health organization, most people with "off-scale" indicators of pressure are in South Asia and Africa. On the contrary, the minimum development of the disease was recorded in Canada, USA and South Korea. Research staff suggest that much of the difference depends on the standard of living of the population. More affluent residents of developed countries can afford timely examination and treatment. According to experts, the development of hypertension may be influenced by the diet. For the prevention of disease, doctors recommend the use of a diet with a high content of vegetables and fruits. In their opinion, contained in vegetable food substances contribute to the normalization of blood pressure.

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