The scientists said the consequences of water catastrophe on Earth

American scientists reported on the current trends to reduce the world's water and told where it will lead.

2016-11-27 19:58:01 21

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A new theory, according to which the Land may perish all the living, have put forward scientists from the U.S. state of Texas. In their opinion, to a global catastrophe on our planet can lead to regular reduction of the world's water in underground oceans. The reason for the disappearance of water in the oceans, say experts, is global warming, rapidly reducing resources. The moisture is not returned to the cycle. Researchers have documented the established downward trend in the volume of water. Because what is happening in the world water situation is irreversible, addressing the need to develop today. This leads not only climatic preconditions and the impact of mankind's activities. Currently, as scientists say, the volume of water in the underground oceans is 1.5% of the volume of the Earth. According to some projections, over a hundred thousand years, this figure will be reduced to is 0 00 045%. By the time on the planet almost no moisture, and all living things inevitably will die. Earlier, NASA officials found beneath the surface of Mars water is frozen.

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