The terrorists have begun to retreat from Eastern Aleppo

Offensive operation Syrian Arab Army in the Eastern part of the city of Aleppo continues to evolve. The jihadists were forced to retreat.

2016-11-27 20:14:00 27

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Soon after the unexpected rapid onset of the Syrian "Tiger" swept the Hanano district in less than 48 hours, the main group of the Syrian armed forces will catch up and will develop the offensive on several fronts in the Eastern part of Aleppo. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were able to break the defensive line of radical Islamists in the neighborhoods of ARD al-Hamra and Jabal, Badro. The following is planned to release the adjacent areas of Khan and Sakhar, which connects the Northern and southern areas controlled by the extremists. In addition to the aforementioned achievements, the soldiers of the SAA managed to capture the plant Jandool, district of Ayn al-tal half area Baisden and most of khalaq Pukani and khalaq Tahtani. Also there are reports that the militants have begun to withdraw from the Northern part of the Eastern Aleppo. Currently, the Syrian army stormed the extremists ' positions in the area of Sukkur. Parallel to the onset of Pro-government forces continue to ensure the safety of humanitarian corridors through which civilians face. 48 hours in the Eastern districts of Aleppo left more than 2,000 civilians. The backbone of the group advancing to the CAA constitute the special forces "Force Tiger" and "desert Hawks" as well as the Republican guard. From the radical Islamists of the regular troops to confront the extremist group "Fatah Halab" and "Jaish al-Fath"*. * — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

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