Experts: low social status leads to lower immunity

American scientists have found how to affect the human immune system, his social standing in society.

2016-11-27 20:41:07 32

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Scientists from Emory University in the us state of Georgia confirmed the conjecture that the effects of stress and position in society on the human immune system is reversible. In other words, it was shown that the subjective feeling myself lower than other people, of the social ladder, has a detrimental effect on health. To test the dependence of social status and the immune system, experts have analyzed the behavior of several dozen monkeys of various species. As noted by experts, the results of the experiment almost completely applicable to humans. For the research of American scientists took 45 females monkeys. As it turned out, low-ranking primates have been documented more aggressive immune system. This caused inflammation and a negative impact on other systems of the body. Several females macaques organized themselves into a group and allowed to her representatives only of their rank. As explained by scientists, the monkey had no desire to share food with those individuals who do not bring equal contribution to the group. Low-ranking primates were constantly in a state of chronic stress, which is known to be harmful to health. On the other hand, according to another study, in monkeys with high status were observed more parasites in the body. According to the experts, high rank also to some extent causes a decrease in immunity. It turns out that the most healthy level of social status in society – one that is between low and high. Earlier, scientists found out, what product destroys the human immune system.

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