Scientists are sounding the alarm: the Dead sea is rapidly decreasing

In Israel was made public data showing that the Dead sea has decreased by a third.

2016-11-27 22:24:41 17

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During processing space images of the Dead sea over the past 40 years, experts from environmental groups "Acopic Middle East" concluded that the total area of the sea is reduced every year by 1 meter. Recall that the Dead sea — endorheic salt lake located between Israel and Jordan. The length of the sea 67 km, width 18 km at its widest point, a maximum depth of 306 m. At the moment, published data showing that the Dead sea because draining was divided into two parts, and the total volume of liquid has reduced by a third. The reasons for the desiccation of the Dead sea several. The main reason for the loss of water volume is the economic ispolzovnii groundwater previously flowing into salt lake. Another problem is industrial use of the waters of the mineralogical plants. At the moment between Jordan and Israel, a joint project for the transfer of water from neighbouring seas, red and Mediterranean. In the end, 2012 was signed an agreement on laying the pipeline, worth $ 3 billion.

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