How to deal with sleep and fatigue while driving

Not going to tell you about what causes the sleep driving, better tell you how to deal with it and how to reduce fatigue for the driver.

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the Symptoms of fatigue

The very first signs of tiredness – lethargy and weakness. They are followed by relaxation of the body and somnolence. There is a feeling of heaviness in the arms, legs, and whole body. In movement appears lazy frugality, to perform simple manipulations on driving becomes extremely difficult. In the eyes itching and they certainly want to close. How to successfully resist fatigue driving and overwhelming desire to sleep?


The most effective remedy for falling asleep at the wheel is a dream. A full, restful sleep from 6 to 8 hours will invigorate the body and give him strength for the day. So if night driving inexorably sleepy – will stay in the camp or roadside hotel and sleep, give your body a chance to rest. If sleep behind the wheel I want in the afternoon, celebrate a half-sleep. Time spend very little and power restore for a long time.

Physical activity

If you want to sleep, but motor still necessary, stimulate metabolic processes in the body, enriching it with oxygen and accelerate the blood circulation by means of simple physical exercises. Mahi hands, feet, bending and rotation of the housing, a small number of push-UPS and squats – that's enough for a dream will leave you alone.


Washing with cool water, and in winter – rubbing of the face of snow, increases the flow of blood to the brain, cheer, mobilize forces of the body and for some time pushed the sleep problem on the back burner.

Fresh air

Omit side window and fill the cabin with fresh air. It is known that the overabundance of carbon dioxide causes lethargy and drowsiness. The flow of fresh air will fill the body with oxygen and will not let him treacherously to sleep. Periodically give the cabin a breath of fresh air, alternating during the drive periods of the open and closed window.

Tea and coffee

A great help in competition with sleep will be strong tea and coffee. The caffeine in these drinks for some time will invigorate the body, expelling the sleep.


But do not eat thick and hearty meal, which immediately starts to get sleepy, and nuts, seeds, crackers, fruits and candy canes – here are the foods that will distract from sleep and provide an opportunity to drive a car is not yawning.

Listen to music and sing songs

Listen to a favorite recording, and even better radio, and has alternating compositions of various styles interspersed with news bulletins. Sing along, and even better – sing in full voice, without hesitating the quality of their own singing. The cheerfulness with guaranteed one hundred percent.

Talk and talk

Talk with companions on interesting and exciting topics. If the car you're the only one, so a companion should be selected. The conversation will focus part of your attention on the subject matter, will make the brain work and will not give him the opportunity to relax and disconnect.

Give work eyes

Don't need during the trip to look at a single point, so switched the focus from one object to the road on the other, marginalized. Occasionally cast a glance at the flight instruments and the rear view mirror.Such, at first glance, simple, but effective techniques will help to cope with fatigue and not fall asleep at the wheel of a car. Good luck to you!

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