How to remove rust from the car body

Seeing automobile pockets of corrosion, it is urgent to deal with the removal of rust, especially because this activity is available to every motorist.

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Remarking on the body of the car pockets of corrosion, it is urgent to deal with the removal of rust, especially because this activity is available to every motorist.

Where does rust

Most often rust on the body appears in areas of damaged paintwork. Got a pebble from under the wheels of a passing car, scratched the body a tree branch outdoors, accidentally caught the wing fold garage door, overdo when bathing – similar reasons can be cited a lot. In microscopic damage to the body of the car in the winter get the reactants, which strew roads, and in the summer they diligently rinse which has already become a common phenomenon of acid rain. As a result, the hotbed of corrosion will gradually increase in size, both in width and in depth. If the process of metal corrosion is not time to stop later body repairs will cost a considerable amount.

make room corrosion from dirt and dust

The forthcoming battle-field of corrosion, i.e. the body part from which you removed the rust, carefully washed from dirt and dust. And don't wash the whole car, do not perform unnecessary work, because there is still much dusty work.

the surface area of the body from rust

If a lot of rust, remove it from the surface of the body with a metal spatula. Then trowel on smejem brush on metal, and only at the end of the procedure proceed to the treatment of body surface with abrasive paper. Without the need not to increase the size of the treated surface. Very often the machining is not enough to completely remove the rust. So put on protective hand gloves and a processed place of corrosion with rust Converter, the benefit on sale now abound. Be careful – most rust converters are composed of orthophosphoric acid. Upon completion, the treated area washed with a sufficient amount of water to flush with the surface of the metal remnants of the Converter. As a result of the work done in the area of the body, before it covered the ugly brown mounds of rust, should sparkle pure gloss steel bare metal.

cleaned Primed the body part

After the surface of the body is dry, degrease it with, gasoline, white spirit or solvent. Try not to affect the surrounding areas of paint finish. On the degreased surface apply automotive primer. Doesn't matter whether you apply the primer with a brush from the jar or use primer in an aerosol spray can – the end result will not influence Further, the area of the body, free from rust, should be puttied and painted. But more about that in a separate publication. Timely detect and neutralize pockets of corrosion of the car body and the rust will get you a party!

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