Doctors from Novosibirsk have learned to treat the most common disease of the Russians

Thanks to state support doctors from the Institute also is preparing to make a revolution in surgery.

2016-11-01 12:08:30 27

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In the Novosibirsk research Institute of circulation pathology Meshalkina name specialists were the first in Russia have learned to treat complex vascular pathology using a unique technology. In a press-service of the clinic said that the disease is not only difficult to treat, but also quite common. Postgemorragicheskih disease of the legs affects about 4% of Russians. People in Russia to this day have been forced to use outdated methods of treatment, taking medication, wearing compression hosiery, which is not much helped in the treatment. However, the last five years in the world introduced a new technology of treatment, and now she came to Russia. The disease is expressed in the swelling of the legs, which depends on the position of the body. During the night it decreases, and by the end of the day increases, explains doctor of medical Sciences, head of the center of vascular and hybrid surgery, PATHOLOGY. This leads to heavy legs and a limp, he adds. This year the Institute plans to hold a half dozen free operations, which consist in restoring the patency of occluded vessels by means of the formation of the new channel. Technology has a great future. Representatives of the Institute also plans to operate up to 50 patients per year, with the support of the state.

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