The scientists said, which genes affect family size and time of birth baby

British scientists have discovered stretches of DNA that are responsible for the birth of children and the family size.

2016-11-01 13:24:31 27

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British scientists from Oxford University found the 12 regions of the human genome changes, which affect many factors in the birth of a new family member. According to experts, the mutations in these genomes affect the age at which women and men will lead the first child, and how big will the family. As told to the author of scientific work Melinda mills, they found a link between genetic code that is associated with late motherhood in a woman, and late onset of menstruation and menopause. The researcher believes that in the future this information will help doctors to answer the most important question of the beautiful half of humanity — at what age is it too late to have a baby. However, the researchers emphasized that their discovery does not mean that the family and sexual behavior may be determined exclusively by genes. In this case, is more influenced by social factors, particularly education level, income and position in society.

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