The nutritionist explained that whether the use of salt is deadly to humans

Earlier, American scientists warned the inhabitants of the planet of the mortal danger from the daily use of salt.

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Earlier media published the results of researches of the American scientists, who once again proved that salt really is "white death". According to experts, the greater threat is a common seasoning brings to the cardiovascular system. Nutritionist Edward Mazurkewich dealing with healthy eating, has revealed the truth about the dangers of salt intake. The dispute about the harm and benefit of salt for more than a dozen years. And each party in its own right. In the "discovery" of American scientists, there is nothing sensational, because almost any product in any excessive doses fatal. You'll kill 250 grams of salt in one sitting, but who's going to eat? For example, a person may die, if the day drink 7-8 litres of water, at least will be poisoning the water. It is noteworthy that the problems people can experience due to the decrease in the concentration of salt in the body. From school chemistry course we all know that salt consists of two elements – sodium and chlorine. The first is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses and its deficiency leads to drowsiness and weakness. The second is part of gastric juice and is directly involved in digestion. So the question here, as in many other cases, exclusively in the dosage. Important to remember that salt and so is part of most products, especially intermediate goods, and should not be misused for cooking. But fear not, it is a vital element in the human diet.

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