Canadian scientists have disproved a unique discovery of the missing link of evolution

Scientists from Canada conducted a study of the exhibit, considered the missing link in the chain of evolution.

2016-11-01 17:19:36 38

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Found in Brazil fossilized snake with four shortened legs actually was a marine lizard. This discovery was made by canadian researchers Michael Caldwell and Robert Reitz. Your research report they published in the journal Cretaceous Research. We recall that a year ago, many media published sensational news that was discovered a missing link of evolution. The discovery was made while viewing the collection in the Museum of Solnhofen in Germany. The author stated that he had found the missing link in the chain of evolution, which is looking for many years. It is believed that snakes evolved from creatures with legs, getting rid of them in the process of evolution. But the study showed that the found creature is not more than a sea lizard. Tetrapodophis have not found the characteristic features of the snake: no hooked teeth or projections of the vertebrae, and neither typical of the skull.

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