Unique video as the archaeologists found the coffin of Jesus Christ, the plate of the Crusades

Scientists for the first time in 450 years opened the tomb of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

2016-11-01 17:51:26 154

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A group of scientists from Jerusalem after the opening of the tomb of Jesus Christ, which happened for the first time in 450 years, found a plate of the Crusades. According to the publication National Geographic, the amazing fact remains that despite a long period of time, the funeral bed remained untouched. It is noted that the experts found a slab, in which was carved a cross. It was separated by a dense layer of stone rubble from the external marble cladding. According to scientists, they managed to reach the unique artifact, after 60 hours of continuous operation. It is known that experts have raised the plate on the surface, to clean and digitize. After the restoration, the plate will return to its place in the Shrine. Previously, a scandal erupted in connection with the opening of the coffin of Jesus Christ for the first time in 450 years.

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