NASA has shown the effectiveness of its recent protection from asteroids

The latest system Scout has demonstrated its ability to detect near-Earth objects.

2016-11-01 18:27:58 34

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The idea that Earth experienced an asteroid is terrifying. Fortunately, the National aeronautic and space administration (NASA) has a special protection system that helps in detection of near-Earth objects before it gets too late. This system is a computer program Scout, which has demonstrated its effectiveness at the end of October this year. The analysis of this process was determined by when the Earth was supposed to fly to the asteroid. The last time a similar incident occurred five days before the object has almost reached "our" space. However, just five days before the system responded to the facility and issued a notification. It should be noted that more than early warning, NASA only worked for a few hours before the appearance of the asteroid. Thus, the increase of five days is a very significant and tangible result. The sooner it is found the trajectory of near-Earth object, the more time it will be for NASA to communicate with other agencies, such as Federal Agency on management in emergency situations (FEMA). In this case, accordingly, it will be possible to at least prepare for the worst. In addition to providing the precise time of "arrival" of a space object, the program the Scout will be able to assess other important factors, among which one of the main is the distance. Such information can then help NASA officials decide whether to sound the alarm or not. The recent flyby of the asteroid was not a cause for concern, as it passed the Earth through the buffer 498 896 km. NASA searches for hazardous asteroids since 2002. At that time, the Agency used an entirely different system of detection, which could not "boast" of their effectiveness against small objects. This is largely dependent on the brightness of a flying asteroid, because what it is, and therefore brighter, the easier it was to detect. Scout monitors only for small asteroids that are not able to destroy the whole city. For such purposes, use other power. Scout is still in the testing phase, however, the program has already proved itself from the best side. According to the information received, fully functional software will be developed by the end of this year. At the moment, NASA officials are tracking approximately 1,700 potentially dangerous asteroids that could pose a threat to our planet.

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