How to evaluate the condition of the car upon purchase. Assessment of the state machine

When buying a car in the automotive market an inexperienced buyer it is sometimes difficult to assess the technical condition of the car, particularly if sale it was carefully prepared.

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When buying a car in the automotive market an inexperienced buyer it is sometimes difficult to assess the technical condition of the car, particularly if it is carefully prepared. The owner is selling the car is unlikely to tell you about all covers visited by the machine, would not talk about the accident and the drowning car, he will not mention her defects and deficiencies.


Compare vertical clearances with the left and right sides between the doors and fenders of the car. Hardly anyone will doubt that, but they should be the same. Similarly check the coincidence of the horizontal clearances of the hood and trunk lid on both sides of the body. Look under the hood: rails and junctions of wings with a body should be straight and without any traces of welding. The power elements of the body must not be deformed and damaged by corrosion. A similar inspection performed by opening the trunk and lifted the Mat. Open all car doors and investigate the condition of the internal bottom of doors and thresholds. Don't forget to look at the wheel arches body. Consider whether the parts of the body scratches and visible traces of puttying. Inspect the door seals and glass, tires and wheels. The presence of subtle traces of paint on them shows that the car repainted, and still quite sloppy and unprofessional. Compare the paint color under the rubber seals on the Windows, the trunk lid and doors with the paint color of the body.


The engine should be clean and dry. But if the cleanliness of this mirror, without a single speck of dust – you know, the engine was recently washed at a car wash. For what purpose, and traces of what was washed away? Ask this in the host machine. Carefully review and study the surface of the engine for leaking oil from under the valve cover, head gasket, engine block, oil seals and sump. As we have said – the engine should be dry. To start the engine, must immediately (within one to three seconds), without excess manipulation and dancing with a tambourine. After warming up, depressed leak the engine should run smoothly and without vibration, as the engine should be similar to the rustling, without too much kicking and scratching. Evaluate the condition of the engine color of exhaust gases. In dry warm weather at idle the smoke should be visible from the exhaust pipe. Add gas, should appear pale-grey smoke. Black smoke would indicate a problem with fuel system, smoke blue color indicates the presence of oil in the combustion chamber, and if this belched thick black smoke in the combustion chamber for unknown reasons, enters the coolant.


Read the marking on the glass of the car. Under the manufacturer's logo on the left of the vertical line there is the number indicating the year of manufacture of the glass. Compare it with the year of manufacture of the machine. Non-native side and rear glass will eloquently testify about the adventures of the car that led to their replacement. The marking on the windshield shall not accept, because it changes quite often with new after the old covered with cracks and scratches from stones flying from under the wheels of the vehicle in front.

rubber wheels

Unevenly worn tires on the wheels will tell about the problems with the chassis, adjusted the camber and toe-in.


Hands shaken, over-the-counter and then take turns ass first, then front. Serviceable shock-absorbers should suppress fluctuations of the body and approximately on the second rolling body is obliged to stand rooted to the spot and stop rocking.

Touch and go

While riding listen. Grinding when shifting gears will indicate worn synchronizers in the box, and knock when the load changes and will give the worn yoke on the drive shaft. When resetting the gas you can clearly hear the whining sound – worn gear.


Especially considering its at the end of the article, because the testimony of the mileage on the speedometer does not always converge with the actual mileage, because the counter easy to "Unscrew" with an ordinary drill. Don't be afraid to buy a used car with hands in the dealers cheat buyers no less than in the automotive market. We sincerely wish you not to overpay for the car when buying it, and acquired the iron horse – long drive without breakdowns and accidents!

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