How to protect your car from theft. Anti-theft device for the car

To avoid becoming a victim of car thieves and car thieves, explore devices that are designed to protect the vehicle from break-ins and theft.

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Perhaps the most common automotive anti-theft device for warning and alert signals the owner of the vehicle tampering and theft of his car. Typical automotive alarm system consists of a remote control held by the owner of the car installed in the car electronic control unit with alarm, sensors, sirens and locking of electrical circuits. Shock sensors, depending on their settings, trigger from hitting the car body and touching his body. Two level shock sensors are more advanced compared to simple sensors. With a slight shock stress first triggered the sensors of the first level, the sending processor is signalling the team to submit a short deterrent alarm sound. If after this physical effect does not stop or becomes severe, we have included a second level of protection and the alarm. The volumetric sensor detects changes in the volume (spatial movement) inside the cabin. Also works for opening doors and breaking glass. Very important is the correct placement volume sensor, and its careful tuning. Sensor voltage drop responds to any change in the number of consumers of electricity and, as a consequence, the decrease in voltage in the electric circuit of the car. When the door is opened will turn on a warning light on its end face, and in the cabin will turn on the light, on the increase in energy consumption, the voltage abruptly decreases by tenths of a volt and this will be enough to activate the sensor the voltage drop and send the command to the alarm processor of the alarm. The tilt sensors are activated when changing the tilt of the body. Alarm when removing the wheels and the loading of the vehicle onto the tow truck. Contact sensors are installed in the hood and trunk in the form of ordinary switches. If you attempt unauthorized access in the trunk or under the hood signal circuit on "weight" of the machine. Siren in the company of marker lights has the most pronounced repellent effect. Sirens are both simple and self powered. Less frightening, but quite informative and warning properties has flashing warning led turns on car alarms, located in the vicinity of the windshield of the car. Interlocks are electrical circuits represented by the hood-lock, solenoid valve lock-out fuel delivery and door actuators.


Unlike alarm systems, which is used to scare away intruders and alarm the car owner and others, immobilizer car hijacker creates sudden problems and can significantly spoil the plans of thieves. The principle of operation of the immobilizer is blocking the major systems and electrical circuits of the machine. He knows how to shut off the flow of fuel, to deenergize the motor and to interfere with the car's gearbox. The most simple safety devices make it impossible to move the car initially. More intelligent immobilizers enable to start the engine and pull away. In the action the security device is provided in a few minutes, when the car thief had begun to move and left on a busy street. Since the machine is paralyzed in a public place and the opportunity to continue the path of the criminal, he'll throw the car in the street and try to escape. The Immobiliser is quite difficult to disable, since it is practically impossible to determine its location and to understand its principle of operation.

Mechanical anti-theft system

Bollards are used for propeller shaft on rear - and all-wheel-drive cars. Force element, located under the bottom of the machine, prevents the rotation of the propeller shaft, and the locking mechanism is in the car. The locking mechanism of a gear change for vehicles with manual transmission block the gear lever in position "reverse", and for machines-automatic transmission in position "parking". Locking the steering shaft and steering wheel make it impossible to control the car using steering gear without first unlocking. Blockers pedals the accelerator and brake pedals make this unmanageable. The use of such blockers the car running or engine cannot be moved, or the impossible becomes the braking process.

Shocking anti-theft system

Somewhat exotic, but nevertheless, quite effective way to deal with car thieves. When attempted theft, the attacker gets hit by the stun gun or the interior of the car filled with tear gas, included is a powerful audio siren or several simultaneously lit a bright flashing light sources in the car interior. Using the protective device described in the article or a combination of both, you will greatly complicate the lives of car thieves and protect his faithful iron horse from theft by hackers.

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