How to perform an overtaking car. The technique of overtaking

One of the most dangerous manoeuvres as overtaking a car requires not only knowledge, but also a clear understanding of all elements and stages of which it consists.

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Overtaking maneuver can be divided into 3 stages: departure on an oncoming lane, the traffic near and ahead of the overtaken car and return to their lane.

Departure on a counter strip

Approaching the front of the car so that the distance between the cars was left from 30 to 50 meters. Looking in the rear view mirror make sure that there are no cars behind us and no one is going at the moment to overtake. At the same time "calculable" situation is found to make sure that during the manoeuvre of overtaking we will not be located on the stretch of road where overtaking is prohibited by the rules of the road. Where it is forbidden, independently read the same rules and brush up a list of areas of roads, overtake where cars are banned. In the absence of oncoming cars included the turn signal light left, we set off on a counter strip and assess the situation ahead of concerning the safety of the manoeuvre. If on the wrong side in close proximity to moving towards a vehicle or a vehicle you want to overtake, turned on the left turn and he is going to do overtaking the car in front or drive around an obstacle, turn off left turn and returning to the lane. Wait for a favorable road situation and back on a left turn, and then – in the text, as we have outlined above. If the situation ahead allows you to safely perform the overtaking maneuver, proceed to the second part marlezonskogo ballet.

Ahead of the overtaken car

If till this moment you were moving on fifth gear, switch to fourth, if fourth – switch to third. In other words — to downshift. Why? To provide the necessary acceleration to your iron horse fast and quickly gained the desired speed. Press down on the gas, catching up with the vehicle ahead, move a fraction of a second beside him, and then promptly ahead of it and pulled ahead. This phase of the overtaking is the fastest, but at the same time, and the most dangerous, because there is no time and space for the lifting manoeuvre virtually no.

Return to your lane

Include right turn signal and without slowing down, go back to your lane roadway, turn on a higher gear and continue to move toward the goal of his trip.

a Few tips

All the stages of overtaking the car, try to execute accurately and quickly. But don't get carried away, because the road is not race track. Without the need do not stay on the wrong side. Before you decide to overtake, think whether he is so needed in current traffic situation. Take the road well-rested, with no signs of fatigue and sleepiness. Remember: the traffic situation is changing in a fraction of a second, so do not expose your life, the lives of their passengers and the lives of other road users the dangers of negligent and risky maneuvers.

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