How to recognize the car-the drowned man when buying

When buying a used car there is always the probability of acquiring a drowning earlier car. How not to become the owner of such vehicle amphibious?

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When buying a used car there is always the probability of acquiring a drowning earlier car. How not to become the owner of such vehicle amphibious?

Where are cars-drowned

The bulk of such machines supplied to our market areas from natural disasters. Floods and floods that have become frequent guests as we do, and in the neighbouring countries, join the ranks of victims of drowning almost continuously. Bring to us "wet" machine and from abroad, including from overseas. Having dried for a few days with powerful heaters in the cabin and key components of the car, after a simple cosmetic manipulation and replacing the most affected elements of the exterior and interior, their owners or, more often, dealers put up a "amphibious vehicles" on sale. The task of restoring the car is not considered at all, because the cost conscientious and diligent repair do not pay off almost never. The main thing for these sellers to mask the signs of drowning and sell the car as "dry". But to recognize the drowning car, despite all the tricks of sellers, attentive and observant motorist still can. And the best thing you can do to find the signs of drowning car – categorically refuse to purchase it.

Signs of drowning car

Part of the car Signs of drowning Salon The smell of the bog, the slime and dampness Too strong smell and flavor New showroom in used car Traces of replacement of the instrument panel and audio system Misted glass panel Hardened leather upholstery on sudanericana on the brackets and wire frame chairs The moisture under the rubber seals in the crevices of the dashboard Raw upholstery floor Fogging of the windshield or rear window The trunk Distinct smell of marsh Optics The clouding of the reflectors of the headlights Stains on the inside of the headlight lenses The condensation inside the headlights and tail lights Electrical equipment Unstable operation of the battery, starter and generationally in the work of the Central locking, trip computer, alarm Unstable operation of the heater and air conditioning Faulty window regulators, electric regulators position and seat heating Unstable operation of the switches of rotation and passing/high beam headlights Engine Unstable work at idle Failures in work, "tripling" Separately want to stay on the engine and wiring. During immersion of the car with the motor on its motor receives hydraulic shock. And if not immediately "died" and turned into a pile of iron, it is still doomed. Same with got damp wiring: not only that it will periodically cause malfunctions and failures in the electric car, it also can be a source of short circuit and fire.It remains to wish that your chosen car did not belong to the number of cars-drowned men. Let your iron horse serves you faithfully without breakdowns and accidents!

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