How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

Lamination of hair included in the common list of cosmetic products recently. Initially, to improve the head of hair thus it was possible only in parikmakherskaya

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How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

Lamination of hair included in the common list of cosmetic products recently. Initially, to improve the head of hair thus it was possible only in salons with professional products.

of Course, the cost of such “operation” had been directly proportional to the level of the salon and the professionalism of the hairdresser. With the development of information technologies, realizing that the essence of the glazing of the hair – in applying them to the protective shell, an unknown artist has found a worthy replacement for factory methods. This made gelatin – a product which is every second the kitchen and in any supermarket.

Lamination of hair at home with gelatin.

Homemade lamination hair with gelatin – a procedure that may hold every girl. It requires no cash outlay and professional skills. Is applied to the gelatin extracts, with and without supplements, for hair. Gelatin – it is, in fact, collagen. Construction material is the basis of tendons, cartilage, skin, nails, hair.

For the procedure we need:

- gelatin;- warm water;- a balm for the hair.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

What we do

1. The boiling water cools to the temperature – slightly above room. If the water is hot, the gelatin will lose their beneficial properties, and in the cold – will not dissolve.

2. In a deep bowl pour one tablespoon of gelatin, pour three tablespoons of warm water. Stir. Here you need to determine the number of ingredients.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

If you have a haircut (quads and shorter), the specified amount will be enough. Hair shoulder length or below - the number of components is doubled, that is, you will need 2 tablespoons gelatine, 6 tablespoons water and 2 teaspoons of balm. Hair to the waist – triple ratio.

3. At this stage the opinions of people who have dealt with gelatin, divided. Someone thinks that should be left for fifteen minutes to swell. But from personal experience I notice that during this time it can turn into jelly, unsuitable for hair rehabilitation. Therefore it is better to keep the container blank in a water bath until then, until the grains disappear, stirring all the while.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

4. Water we've added quite a bit, and the gelatin turned into a creamy slurry. When we apply it on the hair without additives, it quickly grabbed and it will be difficult to slip away. So add a teaspoon of hair conditioner and mix.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

5. The time of preparation of gelatinous mass – about 25 minutes. Therefore, pre-wash head, apply the balm, wash, remove excess water with a towel – in General, prepare the hair to have been washed and without excess moisture.

6. Preparing the hair and cosmetic product, proceed to the procedure. But first, make sure that gelatin is dissolved completely and mixed with the balm until smooth. If there are lumps-they will hinder application and runoff.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

7. Locks combed neatly, and cover them with the resulting composition, avoiding the roots at a distance of one centimeter. Apply the product on the skin makes no sense, the composition is just pull it. Distribute the compound throughout the mass of hair.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

8. The longer we turn a loose knot at the nape of the neck, put on a swimming cap, in its absence – plastic bag. Insulated head with a towel.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

9. Some believe that caused by the composition needs to be warmed up with Hairdryer for at least 20 minutes. However, if you skip this step, the effect is not reduced.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

10. The expected hour, then wash hair with warm water.

the Effect of lamination hair with gelatin is manifested almost immediately – even after one application. However, if your hair is severely damaged, dry, split ends, damaged by frequent dyeing or bleaching, you should not expect immediate result. In this case, make a cycle of three – five repetitions.

If you want, do this regularly-every time you wash hair. Due to the fact that we cooked the lot contains the minimum amount of chemicals, it can be called universal and hypoallergenic.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video

Lamination of hair at home gelatin can be designed as the improvement of appearance, and treatment. If laminating the mixture is diluted not by a factory tool and other natural fillers, the benefits will be double – and recovery and returning natural Shine, volume, improved hair color.

Here are the most effective forms of natural supplements for health improvement hair during the procedure lamination hair at home.

Option number 1.

Vegetable oil.

the Oil can be whatever you like-olive, castor, almond, rose, etc. It needs to be injected at the stage of mixing the ingredients, when you add the balm. Do not overdo it! The rest of the process is not different from the baseline.

This option has its strengths and weaknesses. After lamination, the hair will become more shiny and heavy, this is particularly true for “fluffy” and dry hair. At the same time, oil it is difficult to rinse and reluctantly, especially castor.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video0

Option 2.

Raw egg.

Eggs – it is protein in its purest form. And he, like collagen, is a major component in the structure of the hair. Therefore, the solution of gelatin with egg can easily replace a whole range of factory chemical masks. Egg whip to a froth and then add it instead of hair conditioner or with him.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video1

Option number 3

the Decoction of herbs.

the Decoction of herbs - chamomile, burdock, hops, known for their cosmetic properties, they can wash and rinse your hair. For the lamination, it is necessary to prepare a decoction of herbs according to your taste. It may be the plants listed can be any pharmacy collection, herbal tea or regular green tea. Brew grass with boiling water, insist half an hour, cool it down and replaced it with water, which will dissolve the gelatine.

the Use of lamination hair with gelatin.

1. Protection from external impact.

When laminating the gelatin mass covers every hair with a protective film that protects from moisture, sunlight, dust, varnishes and mousses for styling, heat from blow-drying and styling with a Curling iron.

2. Sealing split ends.

Hair consists of scales, flaking under the influence of adverse factors – called “split ends”. Lamination gelatin soothes the exfoliated flakes, a film, which is formed after the procedure, prevents the hair to split further. It is important to understand that gelatin, like any other medium – is not a panacea. If you have a very miserable situation, it is better to cut, and then to carry out lamination – to avoid the section in the future.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?Ways. Tips. Video2

3. The weight of the hair.

If the girl hair is dry, you can say, fluffy, you need to weight. Along with masks and oils, laminating – for this purpose the ideal option.

4. The color of the hair will become more bright and steady, hair-shiny and manageable, will be revitalized and meet. Naturally, a pronounced and persistent effect, lamination gelatin need to spend more than once and repeat the cycle, say, every couple of months. But if you'll apply the gelatinous mass after each washing hair, their condition will only improve. Experiment with filler – try herbal decoction or oil, choose for yourself a more suitable option or alternate different. Then your hair will delight you with health and a good appearance, regardless of the time of year, weather and other factors.

Video. How to do laminating hair gelatin?

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