How to check the quality of gasoline. Determine the quality of gasoline by yourself

Fuel of low quality is fraught with unstable work of the engine, the increasing consumption of gasoline, loss of power, if not by its failure. We tell how to determine the quality of gasoline.

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Fuel of low quality is fraught with unstable engine operation, increased gasoline consumption and loss of power, if not by its failure. We tell how to determine the quality of gasoline.

Check gasoline for presence of water

A small amount of gasoline poured into transparent plastic or glass bowl. The colour of the petrol should be slightly yellowish on the lumen. Add in the studied gasoline few grains of potassium permanganate. If after that the color of gasoline has changed to pink, then in gasoline unequivocally there is water, if the color of gasoline has not changed – the gasoline does not contain water.

how Much fuel impurities?

To answer this question, placed horizontally on a piece of glass apply a few drops of gasoline and ignited. If, after combustion of gasoline on the glass left white spots, petrol practically does not contain resins or contain them in small quantities. If you see on the glass after burning spots of yellow or brown shades, you know, that gas you poured into the vehicle fuel tank, a very high content of various resins, for the engine of your "iron friend" is not very good. So that the systematic filling of this gasoline engine will wear out much faster than normal when filling high-quality gasoline. Unburned droplets of the liquid on the glass is evidence that the gasoline contains particles of kerosene or diesel fuel.

a Sheet of paper in the role indicator

On a clean sheet of white paper put a drop of gasoline. Blow on moistened with gasoline portion of the sheet until it evaporates. It will happen fast enough. Studying what was left on the paper after evaporation of the gasoline. If the sheet is left clean, impurities in gasoline are not available. That is not evaporated from the sheet, to gasoline has nothing to do and it was to him slipped or came by accident: diesel fuel, kerosene, tar or water.


Drivers with experience know how and what it should smell like real diesel. So it will smell odors of hydrogen sulfide, naphthalene, gasoline, alcohol or acetone. With prolonged use of gasoline on the cylinder walls deposits are formed, the valves and pistons rings zakarapattya, spark plugs fail, gaskets and seals — are destroyed. Experienced drivers will determine low quality of petrol at the pump in the tank, at the hearing on the change of power and throttle response of the engine, increased fuel consumption, and deterioration of its operation at idle. Home conducting laboratory studies of the quality of gasoline, be extremely careful and avoid using open flames – take care of your health!

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