How to make a shot? Intramuscularly. Buttock. Video

Today, due to polluted climate and the weak immunity of the common cold. And basically, all diseases that have a severe form, today treated it with injections.

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how to inject yourself how to make an ass shot how to make yourself an injection intramuscularly video

How to make a shot? Intramuscularly. Buttock. Video

today due to the dirty climate and a weak immune system people are sick. And basically, all diseases that have a severe form, today treated it with injections, which can handle only them. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to the hospital in the procedure room or call the home nurse. Especially need to be able to inject themselves, those who are sick with chronic diseases and require injections several times a day. Therefore, in any situation and with any disease you need to be able to give shots to yourself.

How to inject himself?

Before proceeding, you need to tune in and be in a comfortable place and a comfortable position. Before you make a shot you need to start to prepare all necessary.

so, take your cotton wool, then soak it with rubbing alcohol, then take the desired shot based on the size and type of your prescribed medication into the syringe. Don't forget to release the air from the syringe, enough to produce a few drops. Then wipe with cotton wool the place in which you enter the syringe.

How to make a shot? Intramuscularly. Buttock. Video

the Preparatory phase is completed. We now turn to the main point.

1. You need to focus and tune in, because as we know, it's not as painful and scary as it may seem from the outside.

2. Choose a comfortable position. After all, it's different for everyone: some want to control everything and to see the process, then you'll like the place in front of a mirror; those who do not like to see it – you better settle down on the couch. Each for himself must decide how it will be more convenient.

3. Then take in his right hand a syringe and with a quick movement of the thumb insert it not fully enough three quarters of the needle. But if you have it pushed all the way in, do not worry, this is nothing serious. Continue to slowly inject the medication.

4. Left hand, you must have the wings already soaked in alcohol with a cotton swab as soon as you enter the medication, quickly pull the syringe and attach the fleece.

so with ease, effortlessly and fear, you can help yourself at a time convenient for you in your home, not in hospital.

How to make a shot? Intramuscularly. Buttock. Video

How to make an injection in the buttocks?

the Most convenient and advanced part in which all experts recommend injections – buttock. Why? Because, as already mentioned, it is well developed, no wonder all the doctors are prescribing injections in this part. Also, since you are going to do the shot yourself, it is the most safe, what is the main for self-injections, since you are not a doctor and not an expert in this profession, can commit an error, which then has a negative impact on your health. So, let's start.

1. As already discussed above, you need to prepare everything necessary for carrying out the injection.

2. Then most importantly, when you do an ass shot – you need to divide it into four pieces, chop you need to top slice, which is located closer to you.

How to make a shot? Intramuscularly. Buttock. Video

3. You need to choose a comfortable position for you. Treat the spot, which is going to inject.

4. And now fast movement make the shot. Then quickly remove and attach the fleece.

How to make an intramuscular injection?

you may Also need to give myself a shot intramuscularly. This type of injection is not so popular, but there are people who need it, and we will tell you that you need to do and how to do it.

1. You won't need anything special. To make an injection, you need an injection, medication, cotton wool with alcohol or, if not, you can use the iodine.

2. Then you need to sit comfortably and it is imperative that the leg was bent at the knee. Then take out, put a hand on the leg so that the toes were near the knee, then straighten your palm and this period – from the knee to the end of the palm – and will be the place for the injection. Then you can perceive this period of hand, like on the side, and slightly pull it up. These manipulations should be done to the needle entered the bone.

How to make a shot? Intramuscularly. Buttock. Video

3. Then with a quick motion insert the needle and just as quickly her stick. Do not forget to attach the fleece.

That injection myself and done – quickly and efficiently, and most importantly in the home.

Video. How to make a prick of yourself?

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