How to identify a broken car when buying. Ways to recognize a broken car

When buying a used car one of the most common troubles that await a beginner, is to purchase a broken car.

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In Europe and in other developed countries, cars after road accidents, resulting in serious damage to the body, usually sell for parts. We have the picture is somewhat different. The car had been in a serious accident, a respectable and authoritative one HUNDRED in repair do not take. Such machines one road – in a small legal and semi-legal workshops, in which the "craftsmen" will correct more or less the geometry of the body, all that is possible to beat them, triptouch, but that didn't atratulus, plastered with a thick layer of putty, paint, Polish and repel the automotive market. And will such a car to carry its new owner, unaware of the fact that he rides a mine of delayed action. In addition, at any time for no apparent reason in such a machine may suddenly refuse damaged in an accident or unit, in difficult or extreme driving conditions it may behave inappropriately and unpredictably. In addition, driver's signs, the car had been in accident, bears the "mark of misfortune". Therefore, in order not to become a "happy" owner of such a machine, when selecting a used car, you should look at both.

When to choose

Assessment of the condition of the purchased car should only be done in the daytime using natural light. In the evening, in artificial light, and even polished the car body really does not appreciate even a car expert. Needless to say, to assess the condition of the body needs it to be washed. If the owner of the car gave you for inspection the car unwashed, greet him politely and leave.


First, open the hood and look in it. The spars and power elements of the body should be smooth, without traces of deformation and welding seams. The connection of the wings with a body should be without traces of welding and smooth. Body gaps. They are more eloquent than all the other parameters will indicate poor quality and unprofessional body repairs. The vertical gaps between the doors and the fenders, the horizontal clearances of the hood and trunk must be the same on both sides. Drove the car with the sun in the shade, consider the whole body of the car for the homogeneity of the paint. If one wing slightly different colour from the rest of the body, you can be sure that it has been damaged, and then either replaced with new or refurbished. Located relative to the vehicle so that you could see the entire side of the body below the minimum angle, study the homogeneity of its paintwork. To discover a thick layer of putty on the body will help ordinary magnet. Attach it to the body part that causes suspicion. If the magnet is in this place "sticks" to the back of weaker than on other areas, or not kept, then a layer of putty on this site body — fat obscenely.

Spotlights and decorative elements

If the car with significantly faded body paint flaunt new-brand new headlights, sidelights, indicator, a decorative cap with a logo or a new bumper — all this taken together should alert and mobilize attention at the examination.


Another pointer to the fact that the car is broken glass. New glass, with the date of issue is clearly not coinciding with the age of the car, indicate that the glass factory had been in operation replaced by others. Guess for what reason? By the way, do not react badly to the new windshield. Change it fairly often, and the reason for that may be no accident, and cracks and scratches from stones, which often fly out from under the wheels of the car, going ahead. If the seals on Windows and doors able to consider the paint, it will serve as another argument in favor of the fact that the car was repainted. And the recolor, and even negligent, will show slight traces of paint on rims and tires. Use the above methods to distinguish when buying a broken car from Nebit. Let your four-wheeled friend serves you faithfully!

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