How to escape from a sinking car. Selected from a sinking car

The car fell into the water. Through the holes in the bottom and the front panel, through gaps in doors the interior is filled with water. What to do? First – do not panic!

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If in the first moments to get out of the car, has fallen into the water, failed, do not despair – the fight to save his life and the lives of passengers has just started. Trumps you have — more than enough.

shutting off water access to the salon

The first thing you need to tightly close the Windows and resealed the sunroof if you have one. Preventing rapid filling of the car with water, you give yourself a few minutes of preparing to leave the saloon of a sinking car itself and help it to make the passengers in the cabin if you don't have one.

Calm and calm again

No matter how hard it is to do, but still need to reassure passengers, especially children. To explain the sequence of rescue operations, to consolidate the role and to give precise and clear instructions. The main thing – to know that you are not the first caught in such an extreme situation and most successfully out of the same water trap. By all means necessary to stop the panic and attempt the premature exit from the cabin.

Preparing for the exit of the salon

First of all turn off blocking of locks of doors and unfasten safety belts. To remove bulky outer clothing and shoes. On many sites all together rewrite each other's advice not to remove the jacket, citing the fact that he will perform the role of a lifeline. I assure you – the jacket is soaked with water and becomes an unbearable burden even before you get out of the car outside. Therefore, outerwear – down. I don't care what's outside the window is cold or even freezing temperatures, life is more expensive. In case the door gets stuck, it is necessary to prepare a fire extinguisher or some other heavy object, which can be planted door, windshield or back glass. No matter how psychologically difficult, you need to patiently wait until the water fills the cabin on 3/4 its volumes. Previously to attempt to open the door to get out of the car outwards, there is no point. Door either will not open due to the pressure on the outside of the body of water, or will open, but pouring into the cabin the flow of water disorients you in space and you will never get out of the cabin. And here water in the cabin had already accumulated on the shoulders, pressure on automobile doors from the outside and from the inside almost leveled, it's time to start saving.

Leaving the car

If the car you are not alone, doors start to open at the same time, on command. Should make 2-3 deep breath, take hold of the hook of the door opening and filled their lungs, trying to open the door. If the door sticks, it is not worth wasting her precious time – knock out the glass of a fire extinguisher, pry bar, squeeze the legs and be selected out. If in the cabin there are children or elderly passengers, help them, kicking them unceremoniously out of the cabin or pulled forcibly by the arm or hair followed him upstairs, closer to the surface of the water and saving the air.

surface water

Once out on the surface of the water, give weak or non-swimmers to passengers of the assistance in the rescue of drowning, to get safely to the shore. If you have enough courage and will power, dive and try to save and get out of the cabin for those who didn't succeed.

First aid on the shore

Getting to the island, it is urgent to take steps to attract the attention of passing cars and call for medical assistance. The drivers of the stopped cars will always give change or to wrap myself in something warm and dry, warm in the cabin, will help to kindle a fire and drink hot tea. Refrain from warming the body with alcohol, because the effects of alcohol on the nervous system, which suffered from the biggest overload, simply unpredictable. We wish that the knowledge you never had to apply it in practice, but it was once in an extreme situation, you must come out of it with honor and minimal losses!

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