How to change the oil in the engine. Do the oil change yourself

It's time to replace oil in the engine? Not necessarily for this to go on a HUNDRED or service item. This procedure is quite to you.

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It's time to replace the oil in the engine? Not necessarily for this to go on a HUNDRED or service item. This procedure is quite to you.

Preparation for changing the oil

Drive the car on a ramp or inspection pit. Kill the motor and turn on the first gear or the Parking mode for box box. Pulling on the hand brake lever. In order not to burn yourself with hot engine oil when it is replaced, give the engine about 10-20 minutes to cool down.

Drain the oil from the crankcase

Dive under the car, guided in space and visually find a tube pan. Special key weaken the threads by turning the key on the stopper 2-3 turns counterclockwise. Substitute the prepared pan for the used oil under the sump, it is desirable also to send him under the newspaper, which will absorb the fine spray of oil that inevitably arise when draining. Next hand (preferably dressed in rubber glove) Unscrew the plug, pushing it upwards to keep the pressure of the oil in the sump of the engine. Making sure that drain plug completely unscrewed, remove the hand sharply with tube in side, one hand adjusting, if necessary, the tray for the waste oil so that the resulting tight jet of oil hit him. Note: very often plastic or metal spacer or washer from the tube after the tube is unscrewed, moves with the tube, and remains stuck to the pan. It is important not to forget about it because it can become detached from the crankcase during the process and fall into the container with the "working out". Waiting until all the waste oil will flow into the drain pan, replace the plug and the sump back on, not forgetting the gasket. Cloth, rags or cloth wipe dry the tube and the sump, leaving them not a single oil stain.

Remove oil filter

In the old model cars the oil filter is in plain sight, on the side of the engine. More new machines in order to access the oil filter, you may need to remove the lid or hatch covering it. You can try to Unscrew the filter by hand, is unlikely but could happen. If it did not work, use the special wrench for the oil filter. Turning it counterclockwise no more than a third of a turn is placed under the filter or next to the tray for the waste oil. Further, the filter should Unscrew by hand. Unscrew it, pressing a hand to the engine. If you feel that the filter has been unscrewed on full-size carving, quickly and carefully put it into the pan, taking care not to spill oil on the engine and body parts. In the end, carefully wipe the motor with spots and streaks of oil.

Install a new filter

Before installing a new filter mandatory apply a thin layer of oil on the rubber gasket. Gently najavljen new filter on the threads on the flange and spin it, according to instructions placed on its body. a

Fill with new oil

Unscrewing the cover with a fill plug, insert it into the funnel and slowly, in small portions, fill the engine with new oil, periodically checking the oil level in the engine. In any case, do not fill engine oil above the norm!

Final part

Wrap the cover on the oil filler neck, carefully wipe all oil stains from the engine parts and bodywork. Remove the tools, rags and drain pan with the waste oil. We start the engine and allow it to run at low speed until, until the pressure sensors of oil shows that the oil pressure was all right. Check whether there is leakage of oil from under the cork sump pan or oil filter. If there are any, gently pull the desired threaded connections. Do not pour waste oil where it was necessary! Give him a point for the recycling of used oil or one HUNDRED. Take care of nature!

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